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Feeling out of place and relationship troubles with my mum

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So I have recently enrolled in to tafe and it will take up 5 days a week from 9 to 5. Leaving me with only the weekends to work. Before enrolling I asked my mum if I could live with her until tafe has finished(6 months). Now all of a sudden she has told me that she is planning to move to a 2 bedroom house that will only fit her and my sister. It’s made me really upset as I always feel like she loves my sister way more than me and does not care about my feelings or me at all. It has really upset me and I don’t know what to do about it. I would not have started to study if I knew she was going to move and I thought she should of let me know before I started my course and made a life changing decision.
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Community Champion

Dear Courtlee~

Welcome here to the Support forum, it's a good place to get other people's views, maybe that will help.

I guess you have two thing on your mind at the moment , the first being the practical one if it is possible to go to TAFE using either your own resources, or some other friend or family member to assist. I don't know your circumstances, or the people you might ask for accommodation or other assistance.

I would imagine just using your own earnings would not make it work, otherwise you would not have needed to ask your mum in the first place.

So do you think it likely you will find someone else to help?

Incidentally I'd drop round the TAFE councilors and talk your problem over with them, accommodation is a common problem.

Now that's just the practical side. It's very possible your main concern right now is not so much your education but the hurt you are feeling your mother seems to have broken the arrangement, knowing how it is going to affect you. Would you say that is a fair assessment?

Before going any further I have to ask is there any reason for her to make this move, say her lease ran out and she has not enough money to rent a 3-bedroom place? Also is your sister in a position to be independent by herself?

Have you talked to her about this proposed move? Does she in fact have any ideas how to fix the situation? Then again has your relationship been an unhappy one? I did see you thought she preferred your sister,.

At this stage I'd hesitate to say more until I've more facts to judge with. I'm not trying to pry, but perhaps if you were to talk more about your family relationships it might help

So if you feel like it please do come back and say what you think