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Feeling lonley and not wanted

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Hi all I'm only newcomer to this site but have been deciding on whether I'm brave enough to post so here goes

Recently I split up with my wife for a couple of months and we decided to give it a try again on the conditions of a few things I had to do but in return all I have got is cold shoulders and death stares

I feel so numb and depressed I'm all out of hope of ever retaining my self worth of life's enjoyments

My friends and work colleagues have notice a change but I'm unable to talk to them bout anything

I have seeked help but I'm having trouble .my life has more ups and down then a elevator in a two story shop

I want my life back I want to be happy once more but I feel I'm going nowhere.Every time I think I'm getting better then I'm down on my own again

I'm hoping by talking to people who are going thru the same or similar things I may be able to improve myself and others

Thank u for ure time

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Hi Sparhawk and welcome. You're certainly not alone. It's easy to feel like you're going nowhere when you haven't got closure on something major like a relationship. It's always good to look at improving yourself as you can't reasonable expect others to change that much, but there's only so far you can go if your partner isn't pulling their weight too....

You mention that you're up and down a fair bit - I can only imagine it has a fair bit to do with where your relationship is going? If you get a chance and if you feel comfortable, are you happy telling more of your story?

So where's it at now? Are you still together? Why did you separate in the first place? What made you get back together and what were the "conditions" expected of you?

I've found it really important to be able to talk to someone about your troubles other than a professional (are you still getting help from one?). Is there any reason you can't talk to a friend???

Ultimately we're not perfect. We make mistakes and sometimes we do things we shouldn't. This doesn't mean we can't learn and move forward. Sometimes it's not meant to be.

More than happy to talk

Hi Apollo thanks for the warm welcome its good knowing that there is someone to talk to every now and then

We got back together bout 9 months ago after my depression tore us apart but as for me giving up the drink and showing more love and effective towards her things still hasn't worked

I'm at a loss as wat to do ATM

We have been together for about 17 years and married for 6 but as time has gone by things have gotten worse

I'm sorry Apollo for saying to much and thanks for listening

What do you mean by saying too much?? Sounds like you have a lot more to say - if you want to that is.

How much do you want to be with your wife? Do you want it to work? Want do you think the stumbling block is?