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dont know what to do next

Community Member
Last week I seperated from my partner of 5 years, this was his choice, I am completely devastated. I have been researching help on line and all I can find is the No Contact rule- is this the way to go?
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Hello my lovely friend

I’m back and on the mend. How have you been? I hope all is well and I’ve been thinking of you.

Much love

happy 😊

Hi happy, so lovely to hear from you- I hope you are feeling better. All good with me as I go on holidays tommorw for three weeks, cant wait! I will tap in here to see how you are going 🙂

Have a wonderful time & enjoy your holiday!

Community Member
I totally understand how you are feeling. My husband 62 and married 19 years has an infatuation with a 25 year old. He isn’t sure who he wants to be with, even though he hasn’t been romantically involved with her. He still loves me and wants to remain friends. After researching the advice is give him space, but this is driving me mad. So I have decided to change tactics and be a friend. I’m not sure how this will help but I feel a tiny bit better as I can see and talk to him. I will fight for him but in a discreet way so as not to push him away but show him what he is missing.