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Do depressed ex BFs ever come back?

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Me and my BF had been together for a really long time, and we had a strong solid relationship.

He told me had lost all feelings for all things but wanted to get back to the way things had been.
He said he had changed and didn't know if he could change back.

Just two weeks before he wrote me a really meaningful card for out anniversary, but just 4 days after breaking up with me hooked up with a much younger girl from work and app started a relationship and moved on with her (within 4 days)

He says things like he is with her because it's easy to stay in one place, and the relationship has moved faster than he wanted but he had no choice. But then he books and expensive holiday with her.

He has made some real big life choices, a big meat and cheese lover has become vegan, someone so money conscious has spent almost half his credit card limit, someone so shy and private announcing his business on social media.

He is not seeking help since he left.

Is there any coming back from this for us???
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Lani,

It is sad to read what you are going through. Some things don't appear to make any sense.I have not been in your position, and I also don't want to theorize on the possibilities about him, yet I am listening...

You said a little about what he told you, and am also wondering if you ever got the real (?) reason for him moving on the way he did? Or did you get any closure? This also means he (and you?) would also have to be vulnerable in speaking towards each other. What made him feel the need to move on the way he did?

On you... how do you feel? What do you want to happen?