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Burying things inside

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I have always tried to bury things inside to make it seem that things are ok. This has often come out to lying to partner about what has actual happen. It also gives me great anxiety and makes me feel depressed. Im wondering how i can break the habit of keeping things hidden inside and feeling as though iam alone in the world?. I have grown up as an only child and come from a family that has always wanted me to do things their way. I try m hardest to make a stance and do i what i think will make me and my partner happy. Sometimes i feel as though what i do will have a bad outcome and rather than face up to a possible bad ending, i try to keep everything inside and make it as though life is normal. Trying to make things better in my eyes, often misleads other into thinking that someone is fine when it is not. How do i break this habit?


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Hi andrew, welcome

We all wear masks. The reason is varied but protecting ourselves is the mist common. People can be cunning, manipulative, nasty etc.

You'll need to pick your time to open up. During a special dinner etc. That is the time one is more personal, exchanging inner thoughts, desires and dreams.

You'll also need to select such people carefully to trust.

I have the opposite problem, trusting everyone, getting hurt and licking my wounds.

Somewhere in the middle is the best place to be. Aim for that.

Tony WK