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Being away from family is hard

Community Member
All my I have been depending on my parents. My decisions are made depends on what they tell me. I have been away with my family three times but now will be the longest that I will be away with them. Being an independent person in a foreign country is hard, I sometimes feel a sudden sadness within my heart. Yes, I do have friends here but it is really different when you come home and your parents are there to greet you. I sometimes feel like going home but thinking about my future scares me. My parents will not be there always for me so I have to act now. I always call them on social sites so I won't really feel sadness and longing for them will. For people like me whose been away from their family how do you cope up with the longing for them?
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Champion Alumni

Hi April, I'm sorry that no one has replied back to you, this can happen if the site has been busy and threads get pushed onto page 2 then 3, so my apologies.

Moving away from your parents can make you feel home sick, that's an awful feeling and I've been there myself and know how it feels.

The thought of your parents will help you understand certain things about your family, even when you live far away from them you can think about your life and wonder if you actually made the right decision to move so far away from them, and as though it might be hard, in the long run you will learn so much while you're away.

You will always have a house to return to when you want a holiday or finding it tough.

Hope to hear back from you and this will bring your thread back to page 1 so others can answer your comment.

There are other threads on this page that have had no answers as well, so I will try and respond back to these people.

Best wishes.


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Thank you for the respond. Yes I always have a home to return.

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