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Being an Old Soul

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Currently whilst being on my hiatus of self growth and discovery I have particularly noticed that I have a tendency to feel incredibly lonesome and wanting, wishing and seeking to find my tribe. I'm an eccentric, passionate, flamboyant and charismatic young person who is just merely wanting to find my place in the world. It has become apparent, to me that it is awfully difficult to find others of my age bracket that wear vintage clothes, admire antique furnishings, listen to psychedelic , classic, experimental rock/blues music or even have an idea of what I am talking about. I find my generation far too superficial, perhaps needy and undetermined to be different and unusual. I flaunt my uniqueness wherever I go with bold, loud and fierce vintage styles (consisting of loads of flowers, colours and my wicked collection of go go boots too) Like I said I'm confident with who I am and what I like ; I would NEVER change for the world... I just feel that my uniqueness and capability of freely sharing my self expression may intimidate or even perhaps scare other people my age a way. I am awkward around others my age because I don't really know how to speak to them. One problem being because I am not at all intrigued in modern societies' fads that seem to go out style within five minutes.. like I said I would rather sip my herbal tea and listen to my records on my turntable than attend drug or alcohol parties.

I also live in an area that does not really seem to encourage nor support my idea of being unusual. The environment around me makes me think that self expression is not acceptable and I should just be restricted to supporting the ways of the so called 'social NORM'



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Hi PF,

Like you I have a particular interest in previous times, specifically the 50s and 60s, particularly the architecture, music and vintage items. I agree that the world seems too ‘fake’ these days, with focus on social media, brands, and flashy cars. Like you, this leaves me a bit cold and I find myself shunning most people my age. That being said, for every Instagram wannabe, I also think there is another one who rejects that type of thing. The way I see it you have a couple of options, the first is to go out in search of your tribe, which would involve spending a lot of time in more alternative type suburbs (such as Newton in Sydney) etc. Alternatively, you could start a MeetUp group based on the type of things that you enjoy doing based on your interests in the hopes of attracting like minded individuals. Or the last option is to accept that there may be people who don’t enjoy the same thing as you but that they may not be bad people anyway. If we all dressed the same and liked the exact same things life would be pretty boring right!

Much appreciated for your response Juliet_84. You do definitely speak wisdom though. I guess not all situations are permanent anyway. Perhaps as our society progresses more people will realise that what was once the norm was superficial and somewhat toxic. One can only hope though.
stay groovy, and thank you so much.


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Interesting post! I am in my 40's and never quite felt I fit. I think that's what happens when you think a little differently. My son is 23 and he's the same. He always thought that when he went to uni he would find people that he could communicate with, but alas it wasn't to be.

I do like the idea of starting a group or even just going on some sort of public forum and saying "hey, who's into "x"?". All the best. I think you sound pretty awesome 🙂

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Without a doubt, you're an inspiration! Sounds like you'd love the idea of breathing life into people who have forgotten how to breathe life, in its most natural form.

A little outside the square but have you considered not necessarily finding people who dress in a similar way or listen to similar music but simply vibe high like you. Other high vibers may be open minded enough to be encouraged by you and exchange ideas. When this happens, we vibe even higher cause we're mutually excited when it comes to raising each other into more natural states of being.

The high vibers can be found in a lot of different places in society. Not everyone's cup of tea but you'll see high vibers at psychic expos, gay pride parades, positive constructive social activist gatherings and so on. They're drawn to places where they are encouraged to be themselves.

BEWARE, if you join other high vibers you will be accused of being even more 'weird' 🙂 I can say that because I'm one of those weird folk myself. Flares, purple hair at times, live for all that high energy psychic stuff and so on. Yes, it's a crazy world of fun, natural freedom and pure joy. You may agree when I say that living in such a way is far from crazy or weird.

Search for those who have retained elements of the child nature: They love to dress up, have adventures, play freely with self expression (within reason), love to love unconditionally, often question 'Why?' (aka challenge the system) etc etc. They're out there.

Keep the faith and don't forget to keep having fun 🙂


I just want to say your title old soulm caught my eye as people have said that about me since I was young.

I can relate to that yearning to find ones tribe as I have often felt I never fitted in and that I need to change to fit in which never worked.

I am so glad you are confident enough to realise your uniqueness and not to change.

This is a safe place that is nonjudgmental. Hopefully you will find your tribe soon.


Thank you so much for the kind, supportive and understanding words Quirky. I love the name too! I’m glad others are recognised as ‘Old Souls’ too. It brings me some relief and comfort. Like I said the response you posted here has meant a lot and I appreciate all of the wisdom or knowledge you have to share. Maybe there are more people alike than what I really think. Stay groovy and keep on Swingin’.

Hello Katy,

thank you for the lovely response. I appreciate it immensely. It is good and also refreshing to hear that other young people, like your son are different too. Thank you for your kind words, I’m just content with being me though! You sound pretty groovy yourself. I’m glad people responding to this thread. I did not think I would get any responses. But your words have comforted me in a time of gloominess. Thank you,

Hey there TheRising,

firstly thank you for the response. I appreciate all the time and effort individuals have put into answering my thread. I am very much aware that if I do join a group of perhaps free spirited or individuals with free lanced lifestyles I would be classified even more of a ‘misfit’

you have helped me in a moment of gloominess and confusion.
I very much agree the way you or I live is far from weird. To be it’s perfectly normal to different. Pupae hair and bell bottoms though!! That sounds so groovy and funky.
Ride on, keep on Swingin’

you have brightened my day even more,


Apologises for my spelling errors. I was meant to say to be honest the way you I live is far from weird! Purple hair and bell bottoms sounds groovy and funky though.