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need advice and help, going through a really hard time with my fiancé, we have 1 child together and 5 step kids, since our child was born I have become more jealous of her realationship we her kids, it has got to the point now where they resent me, we a split up since last week, I am trying everything I can to get back together with her as I love her so much, I know I need to change how I am, please any advice
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Hi garp68.

I not the most perfect guy with great advise. Iv been through a lot and have had two long relationships. Kids are very difficult to manage and the hardest thing in the world. My advise is never give up on love. I’m in the same boat with my fiancé, we have had a hard time managing children but I have decided to change who I am to keep what I have. Women need change weather we like it or not and somethings I realized only recently need affection. So my advise. Never give up and change a small part of you to fit into a family that will care for you long term. Even trying something new that never have experienced changed my relationship and made it better long term.