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Anxious and grieving

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Hi, first time posting.


I lost my dad to cancer in July 2021. Ever since this happened i feel sad at random times and could just cry. Anxiety is also a new thing in my life since his passing.  

My anxiety is effecting my day to day life including my work as a Nurse.  Very low self esteem and doubting myself. 

 Struggling and have been awake most of the night

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Champion Alumni

Hello Sunshine15, I am so sorry that your father has passed away from cancer, because that's what I'm having great trouble with and know that my two sons, my ex and other family members are probably going to be in exactly the same position as how you are now and that does sadden me, and I also feel the same to you, because it always comes as a shock for all.

Your anxiety can develop as trying to be a coping mechanism, and it can go two ways, the good in anticipation which creates the good nerves or the complete opposite way, in fear.

What I hope would happen is for them to get any help they need to establish thoughts about the good moments we have shared together, of course there will be times when it may become too much, I understand that, especially birthdays etc, but for them to become stronger and hopefully show the way to guide others, a position they may not be accustomed with.

Being a nurse could be a difficult trade, but if I can remind you, that your expertise helps patients to get better and go home.

Please ask me any question you like.


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