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Just not good

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Ok, bad week, my finances went bad. Elevated my depression and anxiety.

made me review my life and how I have no value 

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello b_nderz,

I'm sorry to hear you had a bad week and feel you have no value. Depression and anxiety can really mess with our sense of self worth and cause a bad negative spiral. I hope you can take me at my word when I say that, even by posting here, you've contributed in a meaningful way to the many people who visit and feel the same way that you do. 


I am not sure if you'd like to keep talking, as the post was only short. But if you would like to talk, we are here to listen.


Take care for now.



Community Champion
Community Champion



I'm so sorry that you're struggling with your finances. I can understand how that would elevate your depression and anxiety. 


Do you have any loved ones around you who can support you in any way during this time? Any friends or family who might be able to offer either moral support or if feasible, financial support? Even just having somebody who knows you who you can talk through your struggles with, if you'd feel comfortable. It can make a world of difference.


You've also said that you feel that you have no value, and I'd like to ask whether this is a result of your struggles with your finances? Because if so, you are much more than how you make, use, and manage money, and the value that you as a person bring to the world is prevalent regardless. 


Try, as best as you can, to take it one day at a time. Financial stress can take quite a toll on our wellbeing if we do not feel like we're in control of our finances, so taking small steps to regain control can really help.


Feel free to continue chatting with us, as I feel like you may have more you'd like to get off your chest. 


Take care, SB

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You have lots of value.


As for your finances, go to your local community services centre and enquire about a financial counsellor. I've done this in the past. Not only do htey help with budget, they can also help organise a moratorium on some regular expenses and liaise with your creditors (such as lenders who've extended a line of credit) to maybe temporarily pause or adjust yoru payments until you're back on yoru feet. 

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear b_nderz,,


Finances are important in life, unfortunately so many people think that monetary things, like   what you own, how big your house is, what car you drive etc…defines who they are…I have a really small house, furniture that’s as old as I am, (I’m aged pensioner) my car is over 20 years old…These things are not my value… no our value is who we are…


Your value, my value, everyone’s value is deep within our soul, our kindness, our care, our empathy, our compassion towards other people and every living thing…..I know that you have lots of value to your family, your friends and most definitely to us here on these forums…


My kindest thoughts dear b_nderz…with a caring hug..