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Frustrated with my situation

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About 9 weeks ago I thought my meds weren’t working properly , id been on them for 10 years  and I was just starting to get really irritated and stressed hence why I thought they weren’t working, so I went to my GP and we change them which was the biggest mistake I ever made.  5 weeks in and I just spiralled into deep depression and anxiety through the roof so I went back on my old meds and my GP gave me something to ease the anxiety and I  know they take time to kick in and it’s only my fourth week back on the old ones but I have a family now to support which I feel is a responsibility which elevates my anxiety even more. Everyone tells me not to worry about work you just need to get well. My wife’s wage looks after all the bills but I still feel like I’m failing them. I’m starting to get frustrated. It’s like I’m right at the edge of the tunnel but just can’t get out over that last edge. I just want to feel my normal self again…

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Hi Theo,


It feels as though you are writing this about me, for the most part, so I hope you can find some solace in knowing you are not alone.


I am in a pretty deep hole at the moment and find myself in tears thinking about my children. I am also the bread winner, so that's just an added stress.


Some days I'm unsure if it's the stress or anxiety that gets me first but I know all too well it isn't fun.


Sounds like you have been through this before, and made it through. I have too and I know we can make it again!