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PETS - gotta love them! Share funny, loving stories about pets and animals.

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I thought I would start this thread, about our pets.

I have read in the forums a lot of us has a pet or pets of some kind.

Be it a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, guinie pig, tortoise, snake, lizard etc: they bring joy to our lives, they are there for us giving us unconditional love.

I thought a it would be nice if we could share our pets antics, or if you've seen other animals, doing things that have made you laugh.

They can be funny, loving, outrageous, anything that your pet does or does not do that puts a smile on your face and might put a smile on someone's face that is struggling.

Please keep the stories light hearted and happy,

We all love our pets, let's let others enjoy them as well..

I will go first to get it up and running.

I have two little dogs, Maltese x Yorkshire x Aussie Terriers, I have Mum (4 years old) and Daughter (2years old).

My dogs have the run of the house, my back screen door after many attempts and lots of failures I put a doggie dog into it. I love theses two they are my fur family.

My story is about another dog I had many years ago, I called him boof he was a Belgium Shepard, I was sitting at my kitchen table one day just looking out my back door (creedance). Boof was just relaxing in the shade with my young son. It was a hot day and I thought I might take my young son into the pool. I was about to go outside when all of a sudden a cat ran across our yard, well Boof just took off after the cat yep my young son took off after Boof, then Boof it looked like his brakes stopped working, he was chasing the cat then I saw him slide (son still chasing him). he couldnt stop, he slid into the swimming pool with such force he bent the tin frame nearly flat to the inside of the pool, well a waterfall began, Boof was on the other side of the pool he crashed straight through it, my son ended up slipping on the water skidded to the other end of the pool, crashing and landing on Boofy scream of laughter was coming from my son, absolutely soaked to the skin covered in mud, Boof was trying to get up, slipping all over the place from the mud as well I think he was seeing stars from his hard hit, he couldn't get up. I couldn't stop laughing at the pair of them. They looked so funny covered in mud, the pool was later repaired. Son and dog was hosed off so it all ended well

Do you have a pet story to tell?

Kind thoughts


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Hello Mekitty,

That poem is very beautiful... thank you for sharing it



Glad to,😸

I am pleased you like it, Paws


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Community Champion

Hello mmMekitty..

That is a very beautiful but sad poem...

Thank you so much mmMeKitty..

hugs and care, Lovely Kitty..


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Valued Contributor

Hi Grandy,

Thank you.

I had been writing to help myself process the loss.

The night when I experienced the feeling she was there, as I say at the end of my poem, seemed so real. I was grateful for it, because I didn't feel I really had said 'goodbye'. Whether I was dreaming, imagining, or experiencing some other weird phenomena, (which I don't believe in), I felt her as real as if she was actually there, and I could simply reach a couple inches and stroke her back and side. All that had come before, felt easier to bear after that night.

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Valued Contributor

We had a pig named Snorky. He was black and had bristly whiskers on his snout. My father drained the swimming pool and Snorky lived in there.

Contrary to popular belief, snorky kept his home neat and tidy. He kept his food away from his bedding and toilet area, and no bedding was in his food, or in his toilet area. & nothing from his toilet area was in his bed or his food. ;He managed all that by himself.

My father only hosed him down sometimes, more often whenthe weather was hot.

It was the same fellow who brought us Dennis, who brought Snorky to us. Six months later, when visiting. it seemed Snorky perked right us, excited to see the fellow again, as if he really remembered and liked him. Either that or Snorky hated being in the swimming pool and was only trying to get the fellow to take him away from us.

I choose to believe the former, but I could be wrong,too. Who knows the mind of a pig?

Now, I imagine, if Snorky was a genuinely intelligent beast, life in our swimming pool must have been extremely boring, at the very least.

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Valued Contributor

I was just thinking of Mekitty & her little purple octopus, (sort of) it was made with acrylic yarn, with metallic purple threads too, & sort of fluffy/fuzzy, & had googly eyes. I had tied a s string to the top of it & dangled & bounced it for her. She'd grab it in her forepaws & flop on her side, bite at it, while kicking at it with her hindpaws, huffing & puffing oll over it, too!

I could bounce that octopus or just a balled up paper bag on a length of string, over obsticles, like her tunnel, or my bag, or whatever, I suppose, & she would pounce over objects in the living room to catch it. That was one of our best games.

I tied it to a knob on my drawers, so while she pulled on it, the elastic, in this case, would make it bounce away when she lost her grip on it. But she was too good! Also, I think she liked it better when I held the other end of the string. I had to stop using elastic, as she would munch & swallow some into her throat. Scary kitty! She might still do that, but not so much or scarily much anyway whenI tied string to things.

It was quite a while after, when it dawned on me, she liked the octopus because of something in the acrylic or the metallic thread, she liked like some people like certain substances. She was addicted to something, I'm sure. The wa she licked at the green resuable shopping bag handles, the nylon strap on my shoulder bag, the artificial & often metallic Xmas ornaments, & objects, like the reindeer made of a wire frame covered in plasticy/papery strips, green like pine needles, (loved munching on that) & ofcourse, the flouro pink string. I had to get some string made from some natural fibre.I am still very curious about that behaviour she had.

mmMekitty 😺

who has or had an unusual pet.

i had an axolotl once and there was a blue tongue lizard I spoke to in garden.

What does an axolotl do? Other than help me invent a joke I don't think Sophie_M would let me post. I mean, really, do they move about, make noises?

I keep thinking I'd like a robo-cat, but I'm not convinced they are yet up to the realism I'd like, while retaining a couple unrealistic features. I don't want to have to get a litter tray & empty it either.

I tried a couple on my iPhone but I don't know if it's me, or the games that didn't work.


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Valued Contributor

I have a new 'pet' brown onion. It began growing in my cupboard. I popped it in a small coffee mug, with water reaching the stubbly dried roots, (one was 1 cm long). I folded a page of braille paper, which is thick, like thin cardboard, into quarters, & cut a hole in the centre, & threaded the green stems through, so they can have the sun, but not the bulb & roots. The bulb is large enough to be too large to fall strait down into the bottom of the mug. A little water at the bottom for the roots is all we need. 

Now it's growing more healthy roots, looking like walrus whiskers. It also is growing those stubby light green tips into almost leaf-like stems, which are now a very pretty rich green.

I've transferred it to a small jar, because the roots are already curling, wanting more room than the bottom of the coffee mug would allow. I took a some 'baby' picture, too, last night. That's getting so difficult to do now... Also, being in a glass jar, I've made a tube with another page of braille paper, to shade the bulb & roots of my onion.

Sitting on my windowsill, getting direct sunlight, it's been growing fast. However, I will be losing that direct sunlight in a few weeks, & then waiting for the sun to arrive on my back porch. In the meantime, I'm thinking, I will soon be re-homing my pretty onion into a proper pot, with soil & fertilizer - which fertilizer, I'm not sure what's best. So I will reasearch, eh? Gotta look after the little darling.

My other plant hasn't done well, but maybe ... when Spring arrives, we still may get new leaves sprouting. It's not so happy here as I was promised, but I haven't given up on it yet.



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Valued Contributor

Hahahaha omg mmMekitty, that's so funny! 


You are such a dedicated "pet" owner lol!!! 


Sweet thing, we actually have a GARDENING thread too! But I actually DO get it. We nurture these living things till the cows come home. It's GREAT you've salvaged darling Monsieur Onion. Fancy name for a fancy pet. 


I hope you both have a wonderful relationship until.... you EAT him. (Mods this is an onion we're talking about lol). 


I wanted to share this week's "pet" Possum story. SHE'S got a big fat baby in her pouch! I almost found myself Googling "nutrition for pregnant possums" but held back lol. She LOVES banana, it's her favourite. She likes green apples too. I took a photo of her belly hanging over the side of the balcony. She's so tame with me (only) that she comes right up to my feet if I don't get off the forums IMMEDIATELY to go inside and get her snack. 


It's almost Spring, so soon our nectarines and peaches will come. Then the possums will be happier and less on the balcony. Lovely bubbas they are. 


Here she comes now!!! Gotta go lol

Love EM