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Letting go of the baggage that we carry!

Community Member

Who out there has ever got that choked up feeling, then suddenly bang it is like a great weight has been taken away, voices have been drowned out and wow! everything is calm before a feeling of happiness pops in.

Happy New Year!

May it bring in enjoyment, achievements, growth and easy paths to recovery.

Gen [Hugs to All]

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Community Member
Thanks heaps for the hug. Here is one for you!

Community Member

Happy new years,

Every single day! My baggage is still on the turn table at the air port.

I feel lighter already.

Could drop a few more kg though.



Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
a new year has begun and 2016 was such a terrible time for so many people, which I am just so sorry to all of those affected, we wish and hope that this new year will bring some joy to everyone who is on the site, it's time to have some relief at last. Geoff.