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--->>> Practical Application: Gratitude <<<---

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Hi there!

I'm Jedi.

I am all about the practical application.

When we take time out of the day to practice gratitude...it gives us back the power!Yes - thats sounds dramatic but a steady dose of gratitude has been shown by numerous studies done by really smart peeps at Uni, and practices done by deeply awesome Gurus --- that have known about this shizz for ages --- theyve all come to the same conclusion that gratitude can dramatically change one's feelings about the life that they are living.

From encouraging consistent positive feelings to a profound sense of life purpose, life meaning and life bliss, being a more thankful person is some good juju!!!.

And, it can be applied in very practical ways...  

Thats just magical.

And, the practical application is simple. 

This thread is but one way to bring about more to be grateful and thankful for, and an easy way for us to share our appreciation for all the good stuff that we have, can do and can be, plus its a place to safely share all the lessons of growth from the tougher times in life...ahhh Hakuna Matata!!! 

Many folk have been harping on about this gratitude stuff for ages...and rightfully so, Gratitude is a sensation.

Just join in with this thread

Whenever you remember

Read thru everyone elses and smile and stuff

Be kind

Write down about 5 things in your life that you are grateful for right now 

You dont have to justify why you maybe feeling grateful for something, but if you feel that you want to share the story of why you are so grateful for it...go for it!

 Please share away - just remember we get 2500 characters. 

Below is my 5 for 03/08/15

1 - I am grateful that my dog and I have a place to call home. We have been homeless for the last 7 months. We are grateful that a friend has allowed us to pitch a large 10pers tent in their backyard...its like we're camping everyday. Fun!!!

2 - I am grateful for my adventurous spirit...life isnt always sunshine and lollipops but with an adventurous spirit one can always turn the most mundane moment into a totally radical experience.

3 - I am grateful for rice cookers. Did you know that you can cook stews and stuff in these babies? Not just rice man!!! Im in love with my rice cooker. 

4 - I am thankful for the part time job I have...the income right now is a blessing and I am thankful for the goals I have to succeed. 

5 - I appreciate every home I have ever had in my life


You can stay anon if that suits you...its about the gratitude


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Hi Jedi nice post!

i agree being grateful is often overlooked .

heres my 5G's

1 I'm grateful that you and your dog have somewhere to call home. Awesome

2 I'm grateful for the love of family and friends.

3 I'm grateful for BB helping me cope

4 I'm grateful for time to contemplate

5 I'm grateful for my husband, my rock,my love, my soul mate that loves me unconditionally

    Through the good the bad and yes the ugly. Let s say his black dog handling skills are being perfected lol 

thanks J for this NICE !



Aloha Mangof!

Many Thanks for your reply and cheers for the very encouraging welcome.

Awesome 5Gs!!!

I hope the contemplation leads you to a greater sense of true happiness and abundant health! 

I know the black dog very well, he's like family now...with me and my Irish Wolfhound - Bundy - because he looks like the Bundy Rum Polar Bear!!!

He's massive...in soul and size.

I love him dearly, he has helped me to keep the black dog at bay, by keeping me grounded. 

Thats an awesome thing that pets can do, I imagine being a parent to be similar too... 

I'm not a dad, but hope to be!

It must be nice having found a soulMate. Thats a blessing!

My 5G for 04/08/15

  • Mangof's Lovely reply. I didnt know if anyone would reply but its heart warming. Thank You!
  • My BodyType - Which is endomorph - I've only just found this stuff out and it makes perfect sense to me. All my life I have been wanting to be like others, but that was me putting a lot of hard effort into something that was never going to work because I was fighting against my own bodytype. As an Endomorph, we are the type most likely to put on weight easier than others BUT that also means that we can gain muscle easier --- as you grow into every new age, the older one gets the more and more important it becomes to stay healthy, fit and well.
  • I am grateful to have discovered this info and for it to make sense to me. I choose to work smart and go with the flow rather than fighting against the current. 
  • I am grateful for homemade orange tea.I a grateful for oscillating fans. It gets hot in a ten person tent in BrisVegas

Take It Easy!



Hi all, locking this tread as it is a duplicate posting. Original thread is here.