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work anxiety

Community Member

I have always struggled with Anxiety and Jobs. I have been working since 2014. In that time I have moved workplaces 6 times. (2 hairdressing jobs and 4 childcare jobs) 
Currently I feel like I am carrying around a big rock in my chest, caused by my feelings towards work. 
I also feel that I have experienced some workplace bullying recently.  I have recently been so uncomfortable at work that I couldn't eat any meals until night-time, and even then not much. It's affected my sleep and my wellbeing.

I have reduced my work hours. 

I work in Early Education and always put on my best front for the children, being kind, friendly and caring. But i feel so burnt out doing this work and being uncomfortable at work because of poor relationship with my boss is making me feel awful. I also feel guilty because I feel I shouldn't be working children if I feel this way.

I volunteered 6 months of this year doing Administration with an aged care charity which was very refreshing. It was a calm and quiet environment, and much easier on my body. 

Every time it comes to making a real change, taking a new industry job or moving on I just get paralysed by fear of change. So I end up getting burnt out, taking a new childcare job, hoping for better. But it never works out. I'm also just afraid that the problem is me and that I'll never find a job where I am happy. 

I have lots of hobbies that I love, so my job doesn't need to be the end all and be all.

What really want to do is just quit. I want to rest in bed for a week. Go back to volunteering, work causally and try out some different industries. 
If have read this, thank you. I feel so lost. 

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Hi EllyJoy,

Thank you for posting to the forums tonight and welcome to our online community. 

We're sorry to hear that you have struggled with anxiety for so long, however, we're really impressed to hear that even though you've had such a big weight in your chest and you've been facing tough and difficult mental health obstacles, you've still managed to work since 2014 (including attending and experiencing many different work places and job roles), all of which must have been extremely challenging and anxiey provoking for you...

Finding work that we enjoy and finding the courage to move into different industries is a big deal for most people, EllyJoy, and we want to put it out there to you that it is most definitely not just you, and that the struggle is real.

It sounds like you've been taking some initiative lately by reducing your work hours and you're also aware of how negatively your health has been impacted by all of the anxiety and stress (we're referring to your inability to eat properly, etc) - what we would like to know is this: have you have received any professional mental health support in regards to all of this as yet, and also - have you talked to your GP about these issues yet as well?

EllyJoy, please consider giving our team of counsellors a phone call on 1300 22 4636 (or hop onto webchat if you prefer to type rather than talk), as we think you might benefit from some brief counselling support and/or referrals to help you through this lost period.

Most importantly, follow your inner knowing that you need some self care right now and place yourself in a supportive space if you can.

We know you can do it.

Warm regards,

Sophie M


Community Member

Thank you Sophie M for your reply, I appreciate the time you took to reply to me. I have had counseling in the past, but it's probably time to go back.