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Vertigo caused by health anxiety

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I am having severe vertigo problems since 2 months. It always feels like I am floating & walking on marshmallows. Every single day it’s the same. I first started having these when I had a severe panic attack. It stopped for few months, but it again came back. I don’t know what to do. Has anyone experienced something like this before? Or does anyone have any solutions on how I can stop this vertigo. It is affecting me very badly. I went to the gp twice but still no hope. I am scared to get a MRI since I don’t know what will be the result & my health anxiety is making it worse. 

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Hi Ayu! I get floating and marshmallow feelings from anxiety too. I really like how you describe the feelings. It's very accurate. I think it's maybe a common and normal anxiety symptom. For me, it is isolating to feel like that, 'cause I feel uncomfortable around others, and so I stay by myself. When I feel this way I drink water, because dehydration can make it worse. Did the GP have any suggestions? There are breathing exercises you can learn to help with it too I think.

This is my first post in this forum. Because I feel like I have to answer this. I got serious vertigo in 2021 caused by severe anxiety and insomnia. It lasted one week and I couldn’t go to my 1 month new job. I had to lie about the reasons. By chance I started to practice standing on one foot with both of your eyes closed right after the vertigo was gone. At the beginning it was very difficult - I could only hold 2 seconds. But I persisted in doing it and could do it 10 mins each foot after 2 months. This really helped to overcome the vertigo. I still had nearly the same level of anxiety and insomnia for about two years. As soon as I felt the vertigo would be coming I practice that special skill. To prepare for it I still practice now and then, make sure that I can hold at least two minutes on each foot. I hope this helps others in the same boat.

Dana J
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Gosh I'm relieved to find this post! I know exactly what you mean by floating and walking on marshmallows. For the last two months I've been describing it as lightheadednes and the feeling of walking underwater.  I had significant inner ear issues as a child so I've been through the gamut of appointments and tests including an MRI. I've just found out it's all clear and I actually cried because a part of me was hoping they'd find something tangible to treat. Now I have to accept that it's an anxiety response (and if I'm honest I was starting to suspect that was the cause because the dizziness increased ten fold each time a stressful event happened). I'd really like some help with this issue as well but I'm at least relieved to know I'm not he only one with these symptoms.