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Unable to retrieve school reports for ADHD assessment

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Hi there, I’m hoping to have an assessment for ADHD. I’m 28 years old, my older brother has a diagnosis of Asperger’s and I’m pretty sure that father is somewhere on the spectrum (undiagnosed) I migrated to Australia from UK and it’s difficult to retrieve my school reports, my father moved out of home when I was young and I have an estranged relationship with my mother so she won’t have archived my school reports. If I can’t access them through the school (I’m still waiting for a response) will I be able to have the assessment take place purely on my symptoms now and having my other family members confirm my symptoms when I was in school? I’m really struggling at the moment with everything in my day to day life and I’ll be so sad if I can’t have my assessment because of my reports. I understand the requirement to have symptoms showing prior to be an adult, but these documents aren’t always accessible unfortunately. 

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi aliceUK,


I just wanted to say hi and welcome you to the forums.  Thank you for deciding to be here and post; sorry you haven't heard back from anyone in a couple of days!


Unfortunately I'm not sure how to answer your question.  Is there someone you might be able to ask there?  For example, you might be able to get in touch with the psychologist doing the assessment and explain your situation.


While I know it's a bit unique with your records in the UK, I know that you won't be the only one to not have school records available; so hopefully they'll be able to have a workaround, or at least do the testing with the information that you have now as an adult.


Sorry I can't be more helpful!



Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi aliceUK and a very warm welcome to the forums. We're so glad you're here. 


I don't think you'll need your school reports at all. I know people who've been diagnosed with various conditions and no one has needed their school reports. 


I've never heard of Psychologists requiring family to confirm symptoms either. Not for ASD / ASC anyway. That could be for "other" issues eg RAD and possibly psychopathy. 


A friend of ours was diagnosed in her late 30s, she's from Scotland and never mentioned school reports or family needing to say anything. She met with a Psychologist, they talked a lot about her difficulties. I think it was on the 2nd or 3rd session that she completed the ASD Assessment and she received feedback on the next session. 
It was actually a total relief for her as she's had difficulties and didn't know why. 
Now she has an NDIS Support Worker and is still working with the Psych for social anxiety and interactions, organisation and such. 


Best wishes and please let us know how you get on!