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sensitivity and social anxiety

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I have developed social anxiety lately.     I get it only some places.  I dread a couple of places where I may run into a person i connected with.   I felt a projection that ws good but it has turned to a negative projection.   Anyone have any experience with a social anxiety being linked to a projection.  I find it difficult to talk to this one person,  can talk to strangers easily and in other social groups. I am beginning to avoid going where i feel it.  anyone else have experience in this.
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Hi FN, welcome to beyond blue forums

I dont think I can help you. But others might try. I did write an article in these pages some time ago suggesting a link between sensitivity and depression. You can use search to find it. It is called "Depression and sensitivity- a connection?"

There is a band of members here always looking at connections and symptoms so we can understand our illness better.

This post will bump it up hoping for another response.

Take care  Tony  wK

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Hi Feeling Nervous. Could you please clarify what you mean by projection? I have had social anxiety before, have overcome and know it very well so I am able to help out.

Can I also ask, what it is about these places or this person that makes you anxious?

100% honesty within self is vital in creating change.


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Hi Feeling Nervous, 

I also have social anxiety and have found that one of my worst enemies in life is avoidance. If you avoid social situations, you end isolating yourself more and more. This is something I know all too well and am still trying to find the strength to overcome. You too must do the same. I spoke with a psych recently and she said to start socialising in stages. Maybe start off socialising for a few mins and then leave. And then work your way up in such a way that maybe every couple times you chat with someone or attend a social event, you stay maybe an extra couple minutes or so. If you want to avoid a certain person, do so, but not at the cost of socialising with others. Whoever that person is is not worth that sacrifice. You are worth far more than that. 

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I didn't think that I had experienced a social anxiety being linked to projection but I read up on projection and I think, without realising, many of us with anxiety experience this. Projection reduces anxiety by you claiming/thinking that another person has the unpleasant thoughts towards you that you have towards them. You're projecting your thoughts onto them perhaps because how you feel about them goes beyond how you think you should treat people, so you feel guilty.  I think social anxiety and projection can often go hand in hand.  we don't click with certain people so we don't like them but we've been taught we should treat everyone nicely to overcome the guilty feelings of not liking certain people we come up with the thought that these people do not like us. Have you developed social anxiety because you feel this person does not really like you so you avoid them when in actual fact it could be that you do not like them but this makes you feel guilty so you convince yourself its the other way around? You've mentioned you connected with this person, why do you know find it difficult to talk to them?

Food for thought...