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regarding anxiety again

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ive been so worried about my health recently. whenever i get even the slightest ache in my chest, my anxiety dials it up to “youre gonna have a heart attack and die right here” or “something is wrong you might be hospitalized” and it really makes everything worse. im constantly checking my pulse, massaging my chest, anything to convince myself im fine. im perfectly healthly, as i had a checkup not too long ago, but it still doesnt stop the anxieties creeping in. my parents say im fine, and that does help for the moment, but a bit later i sometimes am thinking the same things again. it really sucks, and i dont know how to deal with it. 


im a christian, and im constantly worrying that im not good enough and im not doing enough for God, and i hate how it makes me feel. it borderline ruins my day, because i then think that i’ll never get to live with him in heaven. im also scared of there being no god or eternal life in heaven, and just dying and never having another coherent thought or doing anything meaningful. it scares me that i’ll either die, and never know, or i’ll be living for eternity in heaven forever and ever. i dont know how to discuss this with my dad, and i am not sure how to improve myself and be more christian. 


it bugs me everyday, how i constantly worry about my health, and worry over whether i’ll die and never wake up or wake up in heaven. it makes me feel sick sometimes, and occasionally it makes me feel sad and depressed, but i dont how to bring this all up with either my parents or my therapist. what do i do?

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Hi mimikkyu!

I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing so much stress recently. I'm rooting for you and wish you all the best!


As for bringing things up to your therapist, maybe you could try writing down your worries and letting them read it instead? That way you can make sure you've laid out everything you need to say with as much detail as you need, and nothing is left out. This may not work for everyone, but personally writing can feel a bit less daunting than speaking when in a stressful situation.


I really hope this was at least somewhat helpful, and I hope everything works out for you 🙂

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Dear Mimikkyu~

_Gigi_ has given you an idea of how to approach your therapist that I've found very helpful too. Having a few days beforehand to get everything in order and not leave anything out has made it a lot easier. Trying to think of everything in a face to face consultation is very hard.


My doctor and psych have found it helped them too, having a list to work from. I have simply had to explain what I wrote, no great need to think.


You mentioned that as a christian  you were unsure about matters and thought it difficult to talk to your parents about this. I wonder if in fact they are the appropriate persons to deal with matters of faith and you might be better off talking direct to your local religious leader who will have struck this sort of problem many times in the past.


What do you think?



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Thank you for the support! Things are a lot better now.