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Health Anxiety + OCD

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I have suffered from health anxiety and OCD for over 7 years. I am going through a particularly rough time and can't seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
I am seeing a phycologist and together we have decided it's best if I try antidepressants. My GP appointment is a week away and I read that it can take weeks or months to start seeing results. 
In the meantime I am exercising, meditating and doing everything I can to calm my nerves but nothing helps. 

Could someone please tell me that things are going to get better? 

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Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Molly

OCD is a real challenge and so is health anxiety, I know (my daughter also has both). I’m really sorry that you are experiencing these conditions. Hugs to you.

To answer your question: yes, things can get better for you. Medication can be very effective for both conditions, particularly in combination with CBT. I have seen the positive impact of medication with my daughter. She didn’t have much luck with our GP and medication though. She first had a paediatrician manage her medication and now a psychiatrist. I’m not suggesting you will have the same experience, just something to consider.

Your medication may take around six weeks to kick in, but this is something you can discuss with your doctor. I would encourage you to also have a conversation about potential side effects. 
I know you’re tired and waiting is really hard, but you just hang in there. Exercising and meditating are great strategies, as is seeking support. Post here any time if you need to vent or want to talk some more.
Kind thoughts to you 

Thank you, Summer Rose. I appreciate you giving me some hope. 
It must be hard to watch your daughter go through this, it sounds like you're a great mum she is lucky to have you. 
I have made a double appointment with my Gp to go through potential side effects and so on. I know that I might be in for a roller coaster when finding the right ones but will keep your experience consider a psychiatrist if needed. 


I really appreciate your support, thank you. 

Hi Molly

Good idea to book the double appointment. If you have someone close to you it might also pay to let them know what you’re doing, so they can be on the lookout for any changes in your behaviour (positive or negative).

The first medication my girl tried was unhelpful, but the second came to be very beneficial.  It can be trial and error and it’s demoralising when something doesn’t work, but you just have to plough on. It can get better.

Yes, it is hard watching someone you love suffer but I am honoured to be her mother. She is the bravest person I know and I am so very proud of her. 
She fell very ill at age 13 and was hospitalised. She fought her way back, graduated high school and went on to university. She fell in love, traveled Europe and worked part time along the way. Covid lockdowns were devastating and she is fighting her way back again. She will do it. And so can you. It can get better. 
Kind thoughts to you



Thank you. My husband has been really supportive, it might be a good idea to bring him along to the appointment so he is aware of what to expect. 

Thank you so much for sharing your daughters story, she is an inspiration (you both are). I wish her all the best in her recovery this time around.


I appreciate you responding, you have given me hope. Thank you 

Hello Molly

I'm sorry you, like me, are suffering from anxiety. Don't give up hope, I'm sure it will get better. 

Unfortunately, it takes time, there doesn't seem to be a quick fix.

Good idea to take your husband with you to the appointment. 

Here is a website I have found in my search for relief from anxiety. 

Just google 'GAD-Specialists'. They have given me some tips which made some difference to the problem.

I hope it will help you too.



Thank you for you support Mr Ploppy. I will check the website out now, great to hear that it has helped you. 

Thanks again