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Drug Induced Daily Anxiety/Panic Attacks

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Hi , I’m not usually one to do anything like this. ( My BF put me into these forums which are super helpful and make me feel like I’m not alone  )

I am 21 and very rarely do drugs and on the VERY odd occasion I do them. I was super sceptical this one particular time in May .. something felt off and I stupidly decided to do it anyway and had a really traumatic experience that set off major anxieties during the high.

A week passes and I have an episode of light headedness , whole left arm numb and in pain and cramping in my body, body shakes, palpitations and like a huge uncomfortable tingling sensation. It basically replicated the huge anxieties I was having during the high. I took myself to the ER only to find out I was completely fine.

These episodes from that date have been happening daily. I’ve seen my GP who did heart and blood checks and everything was completely normal.  I have never had any sort of history with anxiety or anything. I constantly feel disassociated and it’s so uncontrollable. It’s been months and it hasn’t settled. I’m super frustrated and constantly getting upset over it because it has taken over my life as it happens daily and it’s something I’m constantly thinking about. I’m just wondering where to go from here because my doctor refused to give me medication and I just need some sort of help because I’m feeling super helpless. I have been completely sober to this day and the thought of it completely traumatises me.

 Has anyone experienced something similar ?


thanks so much 🙂 

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Hazelly~

Welcome here to the Forum, I'm glad you took your BF's advice and came here. What you are describing sounds very frightening and going to your GP and ER have been sensible steps however the outcome has been disappointing and frustrating for you.


I'm not a doctor and could not begin to say what is wrong however it would seem logical to try two different approaches together


You can talk to the people that are used to drug use and see if the have any recommendations


To see what is available in your state or territory I'd suggest going here:



which starts with the The National Alcohol and Other Drug Hotline and goes on from there.


Also I'd suggest finding a GP who may be more used to psychological effects as well as physical ones and get a second opinion - there is nothing wrong with saying you have been to one doctor already, any professional may well approve of your doing so.


Please let us know how you get on