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Borderline personality disorder & anxiety

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I got diagnosed with "borderline personality disorder" about a year ago. I was wondering does anyone else suffer from this alot with anxiety? I feel like im always in my head. I have irrational fears. For example a plan coming down from the sky and plowing into me. I type it and it sounds so irrational but i do feel it and do feel it Im in a quiet neighbourhood and every loud noise has me worrying, every helicopter that goes over head i freak out about. Does anyone else have this with their anxiety??

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Hello mrsanxiety,

I have BPD and anxiety and depression but i dont have as many scary thoughts as u do. But i often find it hard to cope at times and feel like ill never get through it but it always eventually passes just some take longer than others. Do u see a doctor or a psychologist for ur illness at all or take medication as i find that is useful when u find the right one. Get back to me and let me know. Take care

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Hi mrsanxiety,

I also have BPD, and anxiety can be one of the symptoms. I also find I have a bit of an over reactive imagination, and often I can't control unrealistic thoughts or worries. Have you spoken with your Psychiatrist about this? Are you currently taking medication to help with the anxiety?

Happy to chat more if it helps.


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Hi Mrsanxiety

I too have BPD as well as depression and anxiety. I tend to over react in a lot of situations and I have unrealistic thoughts.

Hope you can come back to us and let us know if you are seeing a pysch or taking meds.

Take care


Hi AGrace ive just started my medication again. It helped alot last time. I unfortunatly dont have a psych as i find it hard to find one im comfortable with.

Thank you for your reply. Its nice to feel not alone

Thank you Chloekat84 for the reply, Ive just started my meds again. They helped with my anxiety last time but this time its seems to be alot worse. No psyc unfortunatly i find it hard to trust and afford.

Thank you

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Hi @Jo3 thanks for your reply. Started med on thursday. My main problem atm is im taking them at night and im sleeping right through the night (which is great) Im suppose to take them in the morning and because im taking them at night im stressing ill be in to deep of a sleep if my daughter wakes up or theres a fire. More irrational thought. Just trying to take it slow

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My daughter has been diagnosed first with bipolar aged 12 now diagnosed at age 25 with BPD. She gets depressed and low enough at times to think that no one cares and that it would be best to contemplate suicide. Can anyone help me to understand this condition. I so want to help her but I feel that I say the wrong thing. This makes her very abusive towards me. She has a supportive partner and is about to gain access to a therapist after her last episode. She lives in uk I am in Au so I feel isolated and useless

Hi Snannie,
I noticed you posted this a few days ago but most of the other comments on the thread are from 2014 so there might not be a high chance of a reply, have you tried creating a new post? Hopefully someone currently active will see it then and be able to help you
All the best

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Not now but I used to....similar.

I used to think if I didn't do something before I counted to three,,,that people would die (family)

Even as a child I would think "If I do not get out bed by the count three dad will die"

I have NO IDEA why but I was always out of bed by three.

It ruined my life.

NOW I am ok....although I still have sneaky stupid thoughts now and again...I ignore them.