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Anxiety/Panic recurring pattern.

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Hi All.

Have any of you noticed your anxiety runs in a kind of weekly pattern? I've noticed mine does, with variations of course. It usually goes something like this, with 10 being a panic attack 1 being no anxiety at all. 

Sunday 7 - 10, Usually the worst night, I often get no sleep and panic all night. Occasionally I get a proper panic attack. 
Monday 6 - 8, Due to a bad night sleep the night before, usually a pretty bad day with a dose of depression. Anxiety remains high and can lead to a second bad sleep. 
Tuesday 4 - 7, Usually starts to improve slightly.
Wednesday 3 - 6, Usually my best day
Thursday 3 - 7, Can be a bit random but usually manageable.  
Friday 4 - 8, During the day I'm fine, but for some reason later on it starts kicking in again.
Saturday 4 - 8. Often make the mistake of sitting around all day and the thoughts take over.

Once I noticed this pattern I thought about how stupid it really is. Why is it worse on weekends? Shouldn't I be better? Even the Sunday night panic attacks I'm getting make no sense. I don't hate my job, it's not that stressful. I know what I'm doing. I'm starting to realise that my anxiety is not getting any better which is not a very encouraging thought. I just had 2 nights in a row where my anxiety was VERY high and hard to manage. 

I'm currently on no medication for my anxiety or depression. I'm thinking about it but the more I read the more I become unsure. I was thinking of just getting something to take when I get really anxious before bed. Something to calm me down. Maybe that could break the cycle? The way I see it is it usually starts on Sunday, and that potentially screws my entire week up. Like this week for example. I had panic attacks sunday night, and basically no sleep. Therefore Monday was just horrible, I felt exhausted, and when I'm exhausted my anxiety often tries to take advantage of my weak state, and kicks in again throughout the day and night which can lead to yet another bad night. Which happened. It's Tuesday and I am just a zombie. 

I've read that anxiety meds can cause a lot of bad side effects, and can even make it worse. Apparently it takes up to a year for your brain to even realise that the meds are helping. I'm not really sure what to do. 

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Manipulator,

It's been a couple of days since your last post, so I thought I'd check in and see how you're getting on?

Have the techniques you were speaking of been useful?


Hey Chloe, Did you find that site ok? If so did you find it helpful at all? Hope you're well.

Hi Jezz, glad I was able to help in a way! I'm the same, Fridays start off well but by Sunday I'm a mess. How did you go this weekend?

Hi Agrace, thanks for checking in. Getting by ok. Survived the weekend. I tried a few things, for example I had a trial for a new band that I was very anxious about, but I made myself attend it and it went really well. On Saturday I was feeling quite down but I still made myself go out with friends for a lunch. I still haven't organised any medication, I'm going to do that this Wednesday. The last 2 nights however I have woken up at around 2am in a state of panic. I wouldn't call it a full blown panic attack, I just kept awaking extremely suddenly with my heart racing along with my thoughts. But endured it and I'm at work now feeling ok. 

How are you, Agrace?

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Manipulator, 

It's great to hear that you pushed yourself to do some opposite actions over the weekend! When will you find out about the trial for the band? 

Waking up at 2am isn't pleasant, especially in a state of anxiousness. Hopefully Wednesday you will get some medication that can help with this.

Is your Psychologist back yet? 

I'm doing ok. I spent some of the weekend relaxing, some of it exercising, and the rest of it catching up with my sister. It's not long until my partner and I head to Langkawi, so I'm starting to get some nerves about this. I hate flying, even though I've done it thousands of times, it doesn't get any easier. So I'll definitely be relying on medication for this.

I was rereading the part of your earlier post about analysing your thought and wanted to add that another technique I find useful is to say the thought in the voice of a cartoon character. It seems to help distance yourself from the thought, and reduce its impact. Maybe something else you could try.


Hello manipulator. i think i did find out. Is it an english site?

'Anxiety No More' Is the site Chloe, you can google it. Let me know if you find it helpful. How have you been the last few days? Hope you are well.

Hey Agrace. Thank you! It was tough at the time. All I felt like doing was locking myself in my room all night, but I'm glad I did. I should find out about the band shortly, they are trialing some other musicians first.  

Yes the nights are the worst. Last night was particularly bad. I saw my Phycologist yesterday. It was a tough session as the test I did revealed some ridiculous accurate points, even towards things I'd rather have kept to myself. She's very sharp, It's like she can read my like an open book. I didn't end up seeking medication, I thought since I was seeing her again I'd see what she thought. 

Ah the Andaman islands, so beautiful! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. I find flying much easier with a book and music during landing and take off. Might help you too, I just turn up my music and focus on reading and it engages my mind so intensely that I forget I'm even flying. 

And it sounds funny, but I'll definitely try this 🙂

A new thing I'm struggling with, which is almost embarrassing as it's so pathetic.. Is whenever I'm around chirpy, happy people, it becomes infuriating for me. I just think why can't I be like them? Even my brother who I'm very close too, sometimes I find myself thinking, wow, he's just a better, happier version of me. You'd think being around these people would make me feel better, but why is it the opposite? Am I seriously this envious?

Mey Manipulator. i did have a look at the site and it does have some useful info. I will def keep it on my favs list. The last few days havent been soo good for me my depression and anxiety has really taken over that i was crying yesterday. I feel a bit better today but im scared how long itll last. Im on new medication which is meant to be slow released to stabalise my mood. Ive been taking it for a couple days now and i think maybe its only just starting to take effect. How have u been? good or better at least i hope.